How To Marry A Vietnamese Woman?

How To Marry A Vietnamese Woman?


In general, Vietnam legislation is not against cross cultural marriages. Still, they highly appreciate family and family values, that is why they prefer to avoid false marriages, for example for gaining citizenship or something else. So, if you want to marry a vietnamese woman – several documents must be settled:

  • notarized copy of your passport
  • verified copy of your birth certificate
  • notarized photocopy of your visa
  • if you were married before, a verified copies of divorce or death certificate are needed, or a letter from the local registry that you were not married
  • medical exam certificate which proves that a person does not suffer from mental or other diseases
  • the marriage registration declaration which will be available after an interview in the provincial Marriage Consultancy Center.

To put it in a nutshell, you will need to spend several months to settle all the needed papers, if you want to marry a vietnamese woman, but it is real and definitely worth it.

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International marriage – an exciting comedy or a doleful drama?

Nowadays, in the world of increasing globalization, language or culture barriers, distances are not a problem anymore and can be easily wiped off. Frequently people prefer to communicate with foreigners, who have different culture, habits. Such communication is always exciting, as people can exchange experience, teaching each other something new. Very often people from different countries fall in love and, as a result, create international families. Sounds like a thrilling journey, is it really so?

First of all, international marriage presupposes a great number of trips. Actually, we can hardly find at least a few people, from all over the world, who do not like travelling. Life without new places, unforgettable feelings and unrepeatable emotions is monotonous and boring. So, it is definitely a big advantage of overseas union.

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Another advantage is that a couple has an opportunity to experience new cultures, taste new cuisines, celebrate some holidays in other way and a lot of other unusual but enthralling things. Besides, whether you want it or not, but in course of time you will know at least one foreign language. No doubt, cross cultural marriage is not only exciting but also quite challenging for both partners.

One more point, we would like to pay attention to, is children in international families. In fact, mixed children are smart, all – round developed, from the early childhood they speak several languages and can easily adapt to any culture. Moreover, these kids always have unique, unrepeatable natural beauty.

According to the statistics, the most of mixed cultural marriages are really strong and happy. One of the reasons is that partners are always interesting for each other. They are never an open book for a spouse, there is always something amusing and attractive, that adds new shades to the relationships.

How to become a mail order bride?

As a rule, all the reputable mail dating platforms are free for women. The first thing to do is to create a personal account, where a lady has to present the information about herself and a partner, she wants to meet and to add at least several photos. Then all the information will be checked, as each serious agency cares about its reputation and tries to get rid of any tiny sign of scam. After a page is verified, her possessor should look through men’s profiles and choose that one, she wants to talk too.

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Sounds quite easy. Still, there are some recommendations, how to make really competitive account. First of all, do not ignore any field, concerning yourself or a desired partner, while creating your page. More information gives more chances to find the right person.

Do not try to make too beautiful photos, which do not attract anybody, as look rather artificial. The same is about your manner of communication. Be yourself, there is no need to pretend, as sooner or later your mask will fall away.

Female users of a dating agency

It is well – known that each person is unique. Still, often it is possible to unite people into groups, on the base of some common features. For example, ladies who use online dating services, for sure, have something in common.

Nowadays an awful lot of women strive for success, career growth, so they do not have free time to spend on meetings, dates and all that romantic stuff. That is why they choose this modern and quite fast way of searching for a partner. The biggest advantage of this group is that its representatives will never play with a man, as they appreciate themselves and their time too much for such games.

Sometimes you can come across so – called “marriage hunter”, whose main aim is to get married. These women are not bad, they may be excellent wives. Moreover, as a rule they are very obedient, what is so attractive for men. The only thing is, that such a woman may be blinded by her great desire and mix up real feelings with her wish.

The biggest group consists of women, who just want to live full – fledged life, with healthy and happy relationships. Someone was hurt or betrayed, someone just has not met the right person yet. The reasons are various. Well, does it really matter, what was in the past? Lets focus on the bright future.

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As for the vietnamese girls, most of them have another reason to refer to online dating services. Vietnam is a country with strong patriarchal beliefs. Meanwhile, the female part of their society prefers to find a partner with another mindset. Women dream about strong relationships with a man, who would truly love them and care about them, not only treat them like housewives. Vietnamese ladies just want not to be strictly tied to traditions, but have a right to follow their hearts.

How not to get hooked to a scam?

Unfortunately, scam chases us rather often in different spheres. No doubt, dating area is not an exception, but it does not mean that all sites or all members are unfair. In any case, it is quite easy to protect yourself from deception, being attentive and deliberate.

What concerns women’s accounts, it is not very difficult to discover a trickster. Real user portfolios should be full, contain all the information needed. Pay attention to the photos, which should not be artificial. Be on the alert while chatting with a girl, take notice of her manner of communication, ask her to tell you more about herself, send you more pictures from her everyday life. Besides, any time you may ask her for a video call.

In addition, choose only serious, reputable agencies. Do not ignore to read the site’s terms of use and users’ feedback. One more thing, we want to point out is that you should not pay for the options, you will not use. As a rule, fair companies do not have such a condition.

Why vietnamese women are so special?

According to the poll, the most marriages with vietnamese women are strong and lasting. In fact, these ladies are very caring, supportive and understandable, what is so important for a happy family. It does not mean that they are submissive, it means that they have strong family values and are patient enough, not to ruin something significant, because of their own pride or tiny misunderstandings with a partner.

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Women in Vietnam are smart, well- educated, calm, kind, respectful to others and they do not talk much, what makes them mysterious a little bit. They are like a riddle for men, they want to solve so much. Still, it is impossible, as such a woman will amaze her spouse their whole life. As a matter of fact, you will never get bored with a vietnamese lady.

The last but not the least point is that we would like to stop at, is their fabulous beauty. Vietnamese women look like innocent angels. They do not use lots of cosmetics, actually they do not need it, because of such incredible natural beauty. They are very sensual and passionate, though it might not be visible from the first sight. Believe us, there are so many surprises, you will discover with such a lady. Be sure, you will be pleased.


Vietnamese mail order brides are the best choice for men, who look for a decent, calm, smart and beautiful wife. They are not like the others, there is something mysteriously attractive in their nature, that can not leave any man indifferent. In fact, each vietnamese lady used to appreciate her spouse and know for sure, how to make him the happiest man in the world.

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